AstroSwami MAX

AstroSwami MAX

AstroSwami MAX comes with the most personalized horoscope Predictions & Remedies (upto year 2040, year by year) for YOU using the Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology along with Numerology.

AstroSwami strongly believes in using Astrology ( JYOTISH ) as the Science to guide your path in life by VEDIC predictions & remedies at most personalized level about YOU! Below are highlights of the ASTROSWAMI MAX iPhone App’s PERSONALIZED Predictions & Remedies based on your birth date:

• Astro ME

a. About Me – Gives you Vedic Facts about you including your name’s starting words as per Vedic Astrology and more

b. Birth Chart – Your Horoscope chart presented in a tabular format

c. Nunerology – Gives you detailed facts about you based on number analysis

• Lifetime Predictions

a. Planetary – Gives you deep insight into your character and influence of planets on you.

b. Period Analysis – Gives you lifetime analysis of your various periods and their impacts

c. Sade Satti – Also known as Saturn transit, provides you with deep insight into your Saturn cycles and period of impact

• Lifetime Remedies

a. Sade Satti – Remedies that might be of help for you when you are during the Saturn transit cycle

b. Gem Remedies – It is also advised to consult our experts before you go for Gem purchase but this is a guiding path for you in terms of what Gem might be the best for you

c. AstroSwami – Remedies based on what AstroSwami thinks might be the potential problems you might face and their potential solutions that are very easy

• Yearly Predictions (PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE upto year 2040)

a. P-Muntha – Prediction based on the Muntha

b. P-Varshphal – Prediction for the year

c. R-Lal Kitab – Remedy based on the Lal Kitab for the year

• Zodiac Sign Finder – Helps you find your birth Zodiac based on the birth date in case you don’t know your Zodiac

• Name Harmonizer – Helps you harmonize your name based on the birth date

• Love Quotes – Fun Love Quotes

• Zodiac Predictions – Daily predictions shown as:

a. Yesterday

b. Today

c. Tomorrow

d. Tarot Card

• Daily Panchang 

and lot more features!! Terms, condition & feedback on

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